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Community Centre Cafe Area - image painted on glass

Thinking Wider

The “Illuminati” glass panels are available as one-off productions for highlighting your brand in interior and exterior displays, available as standard painted glass, printed or illuminated with colour control or fixed colours.


Ideal to add colour and style to otherwise static displays, adding flair and value to your merchandising. Be as subtle or as out there as your brand needs.

Log printed on glass - Bays Club


Commmercial Uses


Our glass panels, standard and illuminated are widely used in commercial applications from office receptions, bars and restaurants, to supermarket wall panelling and Airport check-in counters.


Why not update your lunchroom to show your staff just what your business is all about, and where it all started? 

Not only for splashbacks, glass gives a high quality finish to many other areas.


Artwork can be printed onto glass of any shape providing a visually beautiful platform for your favorite pieces. 

Fancy a splashback in true metal rather than a print or paint?  We can transform your space with copper, zinc, bronze or stainless for that bespoke finish. 



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