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Creative Ideas


Creative Ideas

Colour Inspiration

These links may help in choosing a colour:

Resene colour chart 

Dulux colour chart




Image Inspiration

If you are stuck for ideas there are plenty of websites where you can buy the right to use an image for very reasonable price.  Click on the links below for some of the more popular sites:










There are also specialist photographers who make their images available for a fee.  Click on the links below for some ideas:

Marty Capener Photography

Claude Therond.Photography

Lucy G

David Kerr Greatscapes

Photo New Zealand

Tips on Image Selection


Shape: You need to think about the size & shape of the area where the image is going because you have to keep most images in proportion.  Rectangular images generally can't be made into a square, but you might be able to crop a square image from part of the rectangular one or crop a rectangular image from a Large Square.  Best practice is if your area is rectangular then go for a rectangular shaped image and vice versa if it is a square area. 

Image Quality (Resolution): All images should be of a High Resolution (300 DPI (Dots Per Inch) or higher) otherwise when the image needs to be resized to fit your Glass panel it may become pixelated. 

Having said that though, Lower resolutions might be OK, but it depends on your glass size and how large the image needs to be.  We can check your image with our Designers and let you know whether it can be used or not.  If there are any costs involved in enhancing a Lower resolution image we'll let you know before we go ahead with the project.

Stuck for colour or image ideas.  Browse the Resene or Dulux colour charts or some great local photographers for inspiration.

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